We are a leading manpower recruitment company based in Mumbai, providing expert talent for full-time hiring, staffing services and business consultants.

Get freedom from

Multiple Agencies

You don’t have to deal with multiple agencies for different needs. We offer you full-time hiring, temp-staffing and business consultant services.

Difficult Closures

Don’t float your requirement to multiple recruitment or manpower agencies. We have a pre-screened database of 100000+ candidates helping you hire the right candidate in double quick time.

Business Consultants

We not only help you hire expert talent for full-time roles, we also help you connect with industry experts for different types of management consulting.

Freelancer Management

As HR consultants we can help you not only hire freelancers but also manage them. Project management is our responsibility.

We Are Fit For All Types Of Hiring

Mass Hiring

Looking to hire a large number of experts? We have the expertise and the resources to help you scale up your team in double quick time. Our recruiters have a keen eye for the right talent and our pre-screening process helps you save time by interviewing the relevant candidates only. Our ability to close mandates quickly makes us one of the best and the fastest growing recruitment agencies in Mumbai and Pune.

Niche Hiring

Hiring HR professionals or marketing professionals for niche positions like business analytics, learning & development, social media, growth hacking is possible. We can scout the best SAP, HR, Marketing consultants or agencies as well. So, if you are looking for recruitment agencies in Mumbai or recruitment agencies in Pune, look no further.

Staffing Services

Want to cut down on HR costs? Try temp or contract staffing. We can hire a resource on our rolls or on contract and deploy to your company. Few months down the line, should you desire, the temp staff can be moved to your rolls. It's a great way to test skills on-the-job, before committing to on-roll employee expenses.

What Users Say ?

Manoj Kulkarni

Director at Mensa Consulting Services (i) Pvt. Ltd.

"Flexi Ventures team is our biggest support system. Their always-on communication is commendable. We totally rely on them for even specialized talent like ERP consultants which they source in no time."

Ashish Shah

Director at B D Shah Securities Pvt Ltd

"They are an absolute delight to work with. They don’t just send candidates. They send pre-screened talent, filtering a lot of bad candidates at their end itself. One of the best recruitment partners I have come by."

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